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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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; breaking news alert and the weather authority forecast. this is good morning cincinnati sunday. live on local 12. ; anchor: a community devastatzz devastated by the loss of this historic building here in rabbit hash. details coming up. ; anytime we discharge a firearm it's a complete thourough investigation regardless of whether an individual is struck or not. ; anchor: an officer shoots at a suspect when he tries to run away from him. what caused police to open fire.
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legacy family and friends will begin to say their goodbyes to a legend today. and good morning cincinnati i'm liz bonus. ; anchor: and i'm adam clemens. story today coming up first want to get a check on that forecast. snow coming in and it is cold outside. hey brandon. ; reporter: adam, we have flakes starting to move into downtown. you can see this light band of snow on facebook i have our view viewers telling us they have light coating near versailles. this looks light enough to to time. this is moving into downtown. this is the only snow we have over downtown for right now. hours. big changes on precision doppler 12 hd. over cast sky. not looking at sunshine during
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traffic cameras at i-71 at cuton hill a lot of salt on the roadway from the last storm. that's going to help tremendouszz tremendously. how cold it is. we're in the teens right now. 18 at the airport. a lot of us in the upper teens. won't be long before we're in the 20s. a chance of snow starts to increase around 3:00. steady and heavy at times towards 5 and 6. temperatures in the middle 20s. 6 hour period between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. most of the snow moves through. this is what we're looking at in terms of accumulation. 2 to 3 inches of snow downtown. high confidence in this forecast\\ forecast. 1 to 3 north of downtown. hamilton towards loamington. northern kentucky to southeast indiana 2 to 4 inches. where we find this forecast more we'll go over the timing. plus watching something
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winter weather in the day on monday. we'll have that in the full weather forecast. back to you adam and liz. ; anchor: at a loss for words employ the rabbit house community remembering the finer times at the general store. ; anchor: this building served as a gathering spot since 1831. more with what they're saying about that fire. good morning, megan. ; reporter: good morning that's right. lots of tears this morning in rabbit hash. how many people are showing up this morning. the crowds keep growing since we've been here. evidence by the crowd showing up evidence what it meant to the community. it was a land mark in the center of the town. this was a working general store since 1831. this building served as a community gathering spot. the president of the historical society says from around the
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this is also where the town's dog mayor lucy lieu would hang out. 5 fire departments responded and were out until early in the morning hours employ this fire appears to be accidental and it started in the ceiling. he says the most probable cause is the old pot bellied stove inside the building. fire crews had to use 22 tanks of water to fight the fire. there was no public water or river access. the ground getting slick and making sure the hoses didn't freeze raft night. this. one woman in the area for 30 loss. ; it's the heart and soul. you know it really is. people come from all over to come in and have a drink by the stove or sit on the porch or on the picnic tables. and you know, just congregate.
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the time and just hang out. ; reporter: no injuries were reported in this fire last night\\ night. again as you see from the community coming out just horrible to see it in the shape that it is now. almost 200 years old this building was and really the pulse of the community. live in rabbit hash megan moore local 12 news. ; anchor: thank you very much. a lot of people will be filling around that area for the days to come. there is a gofundme account made for the general store. we will keep you updated as the investigation continues. ; reporter: investigators looking into the cause of a 2 alarm fire. crews were called to meadow lane off ridge road after 6 last night. that fire started on the first floor. the people who lived there were not at home and no one was hurt. ; anchor: in oakly 5 people
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as well. mills bray off madison road about 5 yesterday. the flames were on the second floor. neighbors alerted the people on the first floor and called 911. no one was hurt and damages at 60,000 dollars. ; anchor: continue to investigate an officer involved shooting overnight. an officer fired at a man. police say there's no indication that the suspect was hit by a shot. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. lynwood was shut down hours last night. the name of the suspect was not release. ; anchor: one man behind bars in connection to a weekend homicide in west wood. den ata williams was taken into custody about 6 last night. he was charged with murder in the death of derrick john son.
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yesterday morning where they found johnson dead in a car. investigators say a columbia township officer tried pulling over 24 year old dante dorsey on madison road. deputies say he was driving with a fake license plate. after dorsey reportedly hit park parked cars and concrete steps. dorsey tried to run but deputies caught him. ; anchor: family and friends will say goodbye to a red's legend tonight. bernie stows visitation is 3 to 7 at eldors high school. his funeral is at holy family church. bernie stow was 80 years old. ; anchor: it is valentines day. do you need a 4 legged friend. the areas adoption event continues this afternoon. a lot of local rescue operations and shelters will be there at my
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hundreds of animals are available. you can stop by from 11 to 5. ; anchor: for one holiday to another. st. patrick's day not far away. it's a tradition to steal the saint patricks statue. now the statue will then be hidden until the parade on march 12th. this year the 50th anniversary. snail river front park and the banks. ; anchor: stealing. ; anchor: it's a fun game. ; anchor: coming up replacing a respected supreme court justice. howan tonin scalia's death is creating problems washington. ; anchor: another heated debate. republicans took to the stage
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carolina primary this month.
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now the death of supreme court justice scalia sparking a political stand off in washington. justice scalia is champion conservative with opinions on social issues. politicians didn't waste time debating his replacement. a republican led congress believes the next president should make that nomination. president obama says he will submit a candidate to congress. on the road to the white house the gop candidates did remember scalia at the cbs news debate in south carolina. ; anchor: things got heated. donald trump has a lead in the polls. craig boswell reports. ; reporter: saturday night's republican debate started with 6 soft spoken candidates. ended with many of them in a quarrel. ; join us and the candidates on the stage for a moment of
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; reporter: that moment of silence would be followed by the candidates mourning the loss of scalia. conservatism. ; his loss is tremendous. ; reporter: the somber atmosphere was short lived. ; i want to get the facts straight. ugly. policy. ; if you listen to him and some of the folks that i've been listening to we've been in the middle east for 15 years. ; while donald trump was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us save. ; reporter: the on stage battle between trump and bush continued throughout the debate. ted cruz and marco rubio joining in. ; i don't know how he know what is i said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish. ; [spanish].
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publicly turning against trump. ; why do you lie? ; learn not to interrupt me. ; pushed him. ; adults learn not to interrupt each other. ; reporter: republican voters head to the polls. the following the debate in greenville that order may be shaken up. in greenville daron boatello. ; anchor: republican voters head to the polls on february 20th. ; anchor: pope francis will celebrate another mass during his historic visit to mexico. at one of the most holy sites in latin america. the pope blessed the entrance. touched on themes such as poverty drugs and immigration. he came to mexico as a missionzz missionary and a pilgrim.
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hundreds of people will become downtown. they call it the right of election employ the services at saint peter and chains. it is for those who are unbaptiz\\ unbaptized and preparing to receive the sackriments of baptism. the right of election and the call to continuing conversion as it's known marks the beginning of lent. ; anchor: a local school district is helping the michigan town battle that water crisis. kids at the school held a bottl\\ bottled water drive yesterday at the harrison kroger. they collected 3,000 cases of bottled water. they hope to have 5,000 at the schools in the district. jtm donated a truck and driver to take that water to flint by wednesday. ; anchor: we all feel what that would be if you didn't have good water.
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; anchor: still ahead raising awareness. new borns sent home in a special out fit for valentines day. ; anchor: the northeast prepares as the temperatures begin to drastically drop. ; reporter: and snow is on the way. take you hour by hour as the
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and tell you about round 2 ; anchor: in cincinnati it's 11 1145 on sunday morning. a chilly 18 outside. you're looking at the been in the river looking east on the tower cam this morning. afternoon. brandon will update the forecast in a moment. this will warm you up. check out the valentines. valentines day baby wrapped up at pennsylvania hospital the washington hospital. they were decked out in red hats and in envelopes created for them. knit the hats for all the babies born in february at participatzz participating hospitals employ this is a program called little hats big hearts. it raises awareness for heart disease in addition to celebratzz celebrating valentines day.
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back to health in a local animal ; anchor: indiana wildlife officials brought that bird to the redville sanctuary last week week. in a story you will see on local 12. got an up close and personal view in the efforts to save the bird and a lot more. ; reporter: the dejected looking mud covered eagle sat quitely in a cage. the eagle's leg was injured when it got caught in a leg hole trap in rush county indiana. picking up the bird in his bare hands strassor explained. ; if that is dead tissue and will turn gang grenous which we had in the past. ; reporter: the bird was force fed mice for substance. ; you see that.
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; that should be full with muscle and fat. this bird is starving. ; reporter: next the bird was placed in a warm shower to wash the mud off feathers. soaking wet this national symbol had a quiet dignity. moments later it was placed in a cage to dry and heal. ; this is the beginning of mating season. if he does or she has a mate or nest already they will find someone else or they would not breed at all this year. year. ; reporter: the eagle was hungry for bait placed in the trap. brutal. there's nothing illegal about leg hold traps as long as they're used appropriately. unfortunately that is not always the case. this one was used to illegally
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an education facility open for tours. and the little guy who got hit by the car around christmas soon to be released. kim waxler started volunteering here 9 years ago after her daughter's class came for a visit. ; it feels right. the animals are natural. i feel peace and happy. it's a wonderful thing. ; reporter: these bob cats were puring when we went to see them. and what's a visit to red wolf without watching paul strasser talk to his wolves. in rising sun indiana, rich jaffe reporting. ; anchor: if the eagle recovers quickly the hope it will be weeks. it's open for tours and educational visits. you can find out more at
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; anchor: bitter cold temperatures are plaguing the northeast. warming centers opened up last night throughout the area for anyone who needs shelter. one woman from cue wait says it's very different from back home. ; reporter: what does this feel like to you? ; pretty much opposite from where i live. we've never seen a negative degree. ; anchor: temperatures in the northeast expected to reach 50 degrees by tuesday. brandon, when it gets to a certain temperature does it really matter anymore? ; reporter: i don't think it matters. ; anchor: speak for yourself. ; reporter: they say 50s are expected. 50s here are expected in the 7 day forecast. ; anchor: that's great. through. ; anchor: it starts today. ; reporter: we have snow moving in. you see that area in gray.
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downtown and franklin county and indiana. pushes down to the south and east. that's where we have a chance tom pick up a light coating out of this. downtown looking at the cameras all i'm getting out of the band of snow is light flurries. not causing a mess on the roadways now. you have time to get out and do errands before the snow moves in in. you only have a couple hours to do so. a lot of clouds ahead of it. 18 degrees. yeah, we're still into the teens employ that's where we were earlier this morning. rising with the wind out of the southeast at 15. when you combine that wind with the temperature we get a wind chill of 4. not as cold as it was yesterday. very cold wind chills out there. a lot of us in the upper teens. 20 degree weather out of carol ton. we're going to move in the 20s and rise in the 20s throughout
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light band of snow and flurries across the area. this is the leading edge of the steady moderate snow pushing into southern indiana. a couple hours away from downtown. between 1 and 2 we start to move it in. 3:00 we start top see the steady snow across much of the area. a 6 hour period of steady light, moderate, maybe heavy snow of 3 to 9:00 with the steady snow. temperatures by 6:00 rising to around 26 degrees. after 9:00 it becomes more spot\\ spotty and break up overnight and into early tomorrow morning. with temperatures approaching that freezing mark. winter weather advisory for just about our entire local viewing area. that goes into 12 tomorrow morning.
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accumulations. downtown cincinnati 2 to 3 inches. high confidence in the forecast of 2 to 3 inches. 2 to 4 south of downtown. all of kentucky versailles and indiana. and southern brown, clermont and adam list county as well. north of downtown a swath of 3. slightly less. as we get towards connersville, liberty, oxford, hamilton and buckly county. including wilmington could see 1 to 3 inches of snow. the higher amounts in northern kentucky south of downtown. wouldn't be surprised to get a couple in the far southern fringes of our viewing area. a decent snow fall in northern kentucky. the computer model plays it out towards 2:00. there's the batch looking at on radar.
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indicated by the darker blue areas that move in 5 or 6:00. dinner plans for valentines day. snow covered roads that will be slick at times. a lot of schools are off for president's day. and then you see how it starts to break up and become more spot spotty as we gets towards 10, 11 and even midnight. also notice the green mixing in. another push of moisture that starts to move in by monday at around the evening hours late evening into tuesday morning could start mixing with snow. snow accumulations monday into tuesday. east of downtown. high uncertainty with the storm system. that sums it up well with the planning forecast showing chance\\ chances of rain mixed with snow tuesday into early wednesday.
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; anchor: 57. looking forward to it. ; anchor: you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
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one final lolookok ; anchor: welcome back here's a look at top stories today. police fire a shot after a car them. to pull over. police chased that car until it crashed. the suspect got out of his car began to run. during the foot chase one of the officers fired a shot apparently missed. after hearing the gun shot the suspect stopped and was placed under arrest.
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a fire destroys a land mark. fire started at the rabbit hash general store around 9. they believe it was accidental and likely started with a pot belly stove. the land mark was a working store since 1839. a lot of antiques and home made items in that building. ; anchor: that stove was the center of it. ; anchor: yeah. ; anchor: everything was built around it. ; anchor: you probably never had a chance to check out rabbit hash. ; reporter: i have not. ; anchor: it was cold and hoses were freezing. ; reporter: anytime you get a fire with these temperatures. into the single digits last night. snow moves in within the next couple of hours employ that's your only window to get out and about. 1 to 3 inches of snow north of downtown. from southeastern indiana. connersville liberty brookville.
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cincinnati. high confidence in that forecast\\ forecast. we have a fairly narrow range. 2 to 4 inches of snow throughout northern kentucky. over to lawrenceburg as well. this will break up overnight around midnight. still see scattered snow showers into tomorrow morning. monday night into early tuesday when we have a second push of moisture that will likely be rain mixed with snow. threading the needle in terms of temperatures. ; anchor: and we are on bright and early 4:25 a.m. in good morning cincinnati. ; anchor: more news at this blake. hape valentines day. ; local 12 news is always on, on air, online and on the around here, a buckckeye in your pocket is lucky. and as the newest member of the lucky buckeye company, it's my job to make sure that every buckeye is as lucky as can be. this one... everyone thought was a lost cause. stick a fork in it, it's done.
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(inaudible whispering) (slot machines chiming) she's a buckeye whisperer!
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retirement. >> do you want to see explosive? >> best season is young. the story is yet to be written. >> he steps up.


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